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Victoria Boyer founded Vicki Jo Dance Studio in 1958 in Miamisburg, OH. In 1992, after 34 years of dance, Vicki Furnas took over the studio reigns. Fast forward 26 years, and even more success, Vicki handed the keys to Sierra Roe, the new owner of Vicki Jo Dance Studio. Sierra has recently relocated to a new studio in the heart of downtown Miamisburg! More space, more dance, and positioned to support the community.


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I don’t even know where to begin. A friend recommended this studio when I began asking about dance classes. The first few classes of her first year were difficult because she doesn’t do well separating from her mommy. She has fallen in love with dance and all those involved in the studio. We just finished her second year. She still struggles at times to get up the stairs to class, but each teacher takes the time and give her the compassion and love she needs to get up there and dance her heart out. She has become so confident and made huge strides in her dance. She even enjoys practicing and stretching to try new stuff she sees older girls doing. I can’t thank Sierra and Vicki enough for everything they have done for my daughter. Even the older girls who help each year are so very compassionate and helpful. My girl looks up to each and everyone of them. I can’t wait to see what her future holds and hope my youngest daughter gets the chance to feel that same love and compassion. 

-Jenifer S. 

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