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Attire and Shoes.

Dancers will need to have their hair pulled back, away from face. Dancers need to wear tights and a leotard or leggings such as yoga pants and a tight-fitted tank top for ballet, tap, jazz, acrobat and musical theatre class.             NO T-SHIRTS! Hip Hop dancers may wear comfortable, stretchy, close to the body fitting street clothing and gym shoes. Boys may wear athletic sweat pants, shorts with a t-shirt. Please purchase dance shoes for class including hip hop at Apparel For Dance (Vicki Furnas is the owner of Apparel For Dance and previous owner of VJDS!) Vicki will have a list of the type of shoes needed for your dancer’s class. This will be the same shoes that you will need for the recital! Vicki also sells tights and leotards. 

Apparel For Dance: 8609 Dayton Cincinnati Pike, Miamisburg, OH 45342. Phone number (937) 859-6511 cell phone (937) 271-3456. Appointment only. No walk-ins at this time.

Etiquette, Waiting Area and Drop-Off Rules. 

Please respect our studio and its belongings. No food, drinks or gum chewing allowed.  Having food in the waiting are will NOT be tolerated. Dancers may bring water bottles, but please keep them in our waiting area. Please have your dancer use the restroom before, after, or in-between classes. Dancers may not be left unattended in our waiting area under the age of 10 years old. Parents need to be in the waiting room in case dancer needs to use the restroom or an emergency situation happens. We are not responsible for taking your dancer to the restroom. We will walk dancers 5 years old and under to the waiting area to get parents for the restroom


We absolutely LOVE having our studio in the heart of downtown Miamisburg. We are surrounded by many wonderful small businesses and housing. We do not have our own parking area. We share parking with the rest of downtown Miamisburg.There are public parking lots around the studio and some area's for street parking. There is NO parking in any residential spot. Those spots are reserved for the people that live in the apartments around us. There is NO dropping off students in the middle of Linden Ave. You will get towed if parking in a tow-away zone or residential spot. Please be cautious while driving downtown and walking your dancer to the studio and leaving. 

Our Logo and Studio Name.

We worked hard on creating our logo and our name has been around since 1958. We ask, please do not copy or use our name and or logo for personal usage, such as apparel, or accessories. VJDS sells apparel and accessories on our website.


Monthly Tuition and Fees. 

 We have a tuition drop box downstairs in our waiting area that is locked at all times. You can drop cash or check in the tuition drop box. If paying with cash, please write on the envelope that is provided: dancers name and what the payment is for. Please make checks payable to VJDS. We also have PayPal and the link is on our website under "tuition." If you are paying via PayPal, please note your dancers name and what you are paying for. Tuition is $35.00 a month per subject. Example: If your dancer is taking ballet, tap and jazz, your monthly total will be $105.00. You can pay anytime in the month it's due! We do not have a set due date. We will add a $10.00 LATE FEE if payment is not received in the month it’s due. We will email parents late tuition notices. If families fall 3 months behind payment, dancers cannot dance until payment is made in full. All payments from October -December need to be paid in full before Christmas/New Year’s Break. All payments need to be paid in full including recital fee, before June 1st, in order for your dancer to be in the dance recital.  


Costume Fee.

 Costume fee is $70.00 per costume/per subject. Costume fee is due November 1st. Costume fee(s) are non-refundable. Dancers will be measured during class in October and costumes will be ordered in November. We order from several dance costume companies. Costumes can come in anytime from December-April. Once we receive the costumes, we will try them on in class and send them home with the dancers.

Recital Fee. 

Recital Fee is due in May. Our recital is at Centerville Performing Arts Center (Centerville High School) in June. Dates TBA. Dancers must be at dress rehearsal in order to be in the dance recital . Recital fee is $70.00 per family-NEW PRICE FOR 2025. Please note this fee could change due to venue cost and other expenses. 

                                                                                    Special Events. 

We love to host special events throughout the year like Parents' Night Out, master classes, themed parties and dance camps. All special events are non-refundable. If an event gets canceled, we will credit your account or refund your money. 


Photo and Video Permission. 

We will be taking photos and videos to post on our website and social media accounts. (Facebook and Instagram) VJDS reserves the right to publish photographs and videos of students unless otherwise noted. If you do not want your child’s photo/ video taken, please contact Sierra and fill out a “Do Not Post Form." 


Visitors' Week.


Starting in December, we will begin Visitors' Week! Visitors' week is when parents/guardians can come observe the last 10-15 mins of class every month! One of our staff members will let parents/guardians know when it’s time to come up and watch. We hand out monthly announcements and go over everything you need to know about upcoming events and recital. 


Bad Weather.

We do not take class cancellations lightly. We understand you are paying for a service, but we need to make sure our staff and families can get to the studio and back home safely.  Please understand the care and consideration that goes into making these decisions. We do not make up these days nor is there a reduction in tuition. Please check our Facebook page, or call the studio to see if lessons have been canceled in case of bad weather. If class is cancelled, you will receive an email. 

Dates we are Closed.

Halloween (Beggar’s Night) 

Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Day 

Christmas/ New Years Break. We are closed for two weeks. 

Spring  Break

Memorial Day. 

Dates are TBA, since some dates change yearly. We do not make up these days nor is there a reduction in tuition. 



Competition Teams

We have several National Champion Competitive Teams! Auditions are held every year towards the end of August. Our Auditions are invite only. We do not do an open call audition. For more information about our competition teams, please call the studio or email us. 


Injuries/ Lost or Stolen Items.


Please refer back to our waiver form on registration form. We do have a Lost and Found bin in the waiting area.

Smoking or Vaping.

No Smoking or vaping inside our building. We ask you to please go to your cars if you need to smoke or vape. Please do not stand outside near our front door or side of the building The smoke travels into the dance studio. 

Unable to Follow Policies and Rules. 

 Our goal is to always do the best for our dancers. With that being said, if dancer(s) or dance family members are unable to follow our policies and our rules, you will be ask to leave. We will not tolerate disrespect

or inappropriate  behavior.

We are family here at VJDS. We are a very positive, encouraging dance studio that not only teaches dance, but builds confidence in each dancer. We work together as a team. We help each other. We support each other. Bad attitudes, negativity and gossip will not be tolerated. I welcome and encourage you to come to me with any issues or concerns. We want your VJDS experience to be the best.

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